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Testing for High Speed Train from Victor Valley to Las Vegas

Lourenco Backhoe, Inc. is digging to aid in preliminary soils testing for the Victor Valley to Las Vegas high speed train. This is a much needed addition to this area. The project won state approval to begin construction this year. According to this SB Sun article:

"The project, led by Virgin Trains USA, was approved for $3.25 billion in bonds from the California Infrastructure and Economic Bank on Wednesday, Oct. 23, 2019... The approval is a big step forward, said Ben Porritt, senior vice president of Virgin Trains USA’s corporate affairs. Developing rail between Southern California and Las Vegas will go beyond transportation and will lead to an upshot of jobs and housing for the Victor Valley region,' Porritt said. 'The environmental benefits are equally impressive and offer a real solution to getting 4.5 million cars off the road each year'... Service could begin in 2023, with plans to later expand the rail line to Los Angeles. The electric trains can reach speeds up to 150 mph and would take about 90 minutes between the Victor Valley and Las Vegas stations."

Stay tuned for future developments.


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