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Operated Backhoes: Better Equipment, Faster Results

Years of operating backhoes in San Bernardino, Riverside, and LA Country has given us unique insight into the equipment needed to do the job quickly and efficiently. Flexibility is important, and that's why we offer a CAT backhoe equipped with a hydraulic quick coupler.

If you're not familiar with quick couplers, I can tell you that these things are built for speed. When there are thousands of feet of wall footings on site and there's a key detail in the way, the coupler becomes a real time saver. It enables the backhoe buckets to be switched easily with no help from outside labor; in fact, the operator doesn't even need to get out of the machine! This is a rare feature in the equipment world, so our ability to offer this quick coupler on an operated backhoe job give us a distinct edge over the competition.

Family-owned, Lourenco Backhoe is a leader in southern California for operated backhoe rental. Whether you're digging trenching for electrical or plumbing work, placing concrete footings or walls, or working on new home construction, we've got the heavy equipment and experienced operators to do the job right and on time. Get a free quote by calling 909-499-6368 or emailing us at

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