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Operated Backhoe Rental - The Right Tool for the Job

We rent operated backhoes for all kinds of jobs in San Bernardino, Riverside, LA County and other locales in southern California. One of the reasons our customers choose Lourenco Backhoe is the versatile heavy equipment options we offer, including the 4-in-1 bucket on our CAT 420F.

Multi-Purpose Buckets for CAT Backhoe Loaders offer excellent versatility by enabling one work tool to do the job of many. This bucket is ideal for material handling, clamping, grading, leveling and grasping irregularly shaped objects.

So whether you are doing demolition, trench digging, construction grading, or more, we have the right backhoe for the job. Call us today for a FREE quote and learn how Lourenco Backhoe can make your next project easier.

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