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Trench Digging - Don't Make This Mistake

Lourenco does a lot of trench digging in San Bernardino, San Diego, and similar locations in Southern California. Believe it or not, one of the biggest mistakes we see clients make when we show up at the job site is that they haven’t called ahead to the Dig Hotline to make sure that the ground is clear of electrical and plumbing lines. The Dig Hotline is an easy, free service that can avoid a lot of headaches and unnecessary expense. In fact, without this being done first, we cannot begin our work. Call 811 on your phone or visit to submit a location request at least two days prior to digging.

Lourenco offers trench digging services for many applications, including concrete trenches, electrical trenches, plumbing trenches, and more. We can handle your commercial trenching needs! Call us today at 909-499-6368 to learn more.

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